Nat Expo Tours Covid-19 Policy

It appears that Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon. It has become a reality of life and travel, especially international travel. While the newer strains seem to be more contagious, they are also less severe, with far fewer hospitalizations and deaths. If you spend extended time in airports and airplanes, you will likely come into contact with the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 or variants.

We do not require our clients to be vaccinated against Covid-19, however we encourage everyone who joins our tours to utilize the resources at their disposal to avoid contracting and spreading Covid-19 and other communicable diseases. This includes vaccinations, wearing a tight-fitting mask when necessary, practicing good hygiene and sanitization, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle (good diet, exercise, adequate rest, etc.). We adhere to the Covid-19 policies of each nation we travel to, as well as those of the establishments and vendors we visit while traveling. Most nations have lifted their Covid-19 travel restrictions and no longer require proof of vaccination or recovery from a previous infection, or a negative PCR test prior to entry.

We will have ample rapid Covid tests with us while traveling, and we encourage our guests to bring one or more for themselves as well. If someone does become infected with Covid-19, we will do our best to isolate that person from the rest of the group until their symptoms have subsided. It is generally not feasible to hire a separate vehicle for infected individuals, but we will ask them to wear a mask while in the vehicle and when in close contact with others. We will seek medical attention for anyone experiencing severe symptoms, but please be aware that we are often traveling in remote areas that are several hours away from any medical facilities. Any expenses incurred as a result of becoming ill or leaving the trip early will be the responsibility of the affected traveler. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance to protect your investment from unexpected events like this.

Covid affects everyone differently, with some people experiencing more severe and longer-lasting symptoms than others. Certain pre-existing conditions can exacerbate these symptoms, which is why it is up to every individual who travels with us to take responsibility to protect themselves and those around them.