Namibia Frequently Asked Questions


Q) What language do they speak in Namibia?

A) Namibia is home to several native dialects and the Dutch-infused language, Afrikaans. English is the official language, however you will likely hear the locals speaking to each other in Afrikaans.

Q) Where will we be staying?

A) We will be staying at a variety of different lodgings – all of which we have chosen for their location and unique qualities – including wineries, lodges in national parks and private game reserves, as well as hotels and guest houses.

Q) What currency do they use in Namibia and can I use my credit/debit card?

A) The official currency is the Namibian Dollar and the South African Rand is also accepted. Credit and debit cards are increasingly prevalent but cash is still preferred in a few places. American Express cards are generally not accepted, so please bring a Mastercard and/or Visa. You can exchange USD for Namib at the airport when you arrive. ATM’s are available throughout the country as well.

Q) Does this tour require a lot of walking?

A) We will be hiking in the Namib Desert on Days two and three when we explore the Sossusvlei ancient lakebed and the dunes in Sesriem National Park. These hikes will be moderate, depending on how far you choose to venture, and around two hours in duration. Other than those days, it will be limited to short walks around the lodges and a guided hike to petroglyphs at the Twyfelfontein cultural site.

Q) What type of food is available?

A) Standard “American” style food is available most places, including chicken, steaks or burgers and salads, as well as local seafood and some common European fare. Vegetarian & vegan options are available on most menus, though usually limited. Local game meat such as Oryx or Kudu is sometimes offered as well.

Q) Do I need a Passport and a visa to enter Namibia?

A) You will need a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond your day of departure, so please check the expiration date.  You will not need a tourist visa and there is no entrance fee

Q) Do I need any special shots or vaccines

A) Yes. Please consult your doctor or your local health clinic on inoculations for Namibia. Tetanus, typhoid fever, and hepatitis A & B vaccinations are typically recommended, along with pills that prevent malaria. Proof of Covid-19 vaccine and  negative PCR tests are no longer required for entry

Q) What type of vehicles will we be traveling in?

A) We will be riding in Toyota Landcruiser or Nissan Safari vehicles. They hold 7 passengers comfortably and have a raisable roof for wildlife viewing. We hire local drivers/guides, which allows us to spend more time looking for wildlife and assist our guests with any photography questions. We will also take locally guided jeep tours and boat tours.

Q) What type of electrical outlets do they use, and will I need an adapter?

A) Namibia uses 220-volt outlet system. Please bring a Type M adaptor for your power needs. These can easily be obtained from Amazon.  We will also have 12-volt inverters in the vehicles with USB and 110 ports for charging camera batteries and cell phones while traveling.

Q) What clothing and gear should I pack?

A) We will send out a detailed packing list prior to leaving but plan on bringing lightweight clothing for warm weather.

Q) Is Wifi or cell service available in Namibia?

A) You can check with your cell provider re: calling plans for Namibia. Wifi will be available at our accommodations and in many restaurants. We recommend using Whatsapp and Skype for general communication as they are internet-based. If you have an unlocked cell phone you may also purchase a sim card in Namibia.  


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