Nepal Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What language do they speak in Nepal?

A) Nepal has 123 languages spoken within it’s borders. Napali and Maithali are the two most spoken native languages but many also speak English, especially those working in the tourist industry.

Q) Where will we be staying?

A) We will be staying at a variety of different Hotels, Lodges and Bed&Breakfasts. – all of which we have chosen for their location and unique qualities

Q) What currency do they use in Nepal and can I use my credit/debit card?

A) The official currency in Nepal is the Nepalese Rupee and is currently trading at 132 NPR to one USD. credit and debit cards are increasingly prevalent but cash is still preferred in many places. American Express cards are generally not accepted so please bring a Mastercard and/or Visa as well. US Dollars are also accepted in many places. ATM’s are available throughout the country as well.

Q) Does this tour require a lot of walking?

A) We will be walking everyday but there are no designated long hikes on this tour. Having said that, this is a relatively active trip so it helps to have some conditioning and a good pair of walking shoes or sneakers.

Q) What type of food is available?

A) Standard “American” style food is available most places, including chicken, steaks or burgers and salads, as well as some common European fare. Vegetarian & vegan options are also available on most menus. The Nepalese dish, Dal Bhat, is composed of white rice (bhat) and lentils (dal) and it is typically accompanied by a vegetable curry (tarkari) and is a local favorite.

Q) Do I need a Passport and a visa to enter Nepal?

A) You will need a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond your day of departure, so please check the expiration date.  You will not need a tourist visa and can purchase it upon arrival at Kathmandu International Airport

Q) Do I need any special shots or vaccines

A) Yes. Please consult your doctor or your local health clinic on inoculations for Nepal. Tetanus, typhoid fever, and hepatitis A & B vaccinations are typically recommended, along with pills that prevent malaria. Currently, a Covid-19 vaccine is not required.

Q) What type of vehicles will we be traveling in?

A) We will be riding in Mini Bus that typically holds up to 15 people comfortably. Don’t get too excited over the word “comfortable” as Nepalese roads can be quite rough.

Q) What type of electrical outlets do they use, and will I need an adapter?

A) Nepal uses 220-volt outlet system. Please bring a Type D adaptor for your power needs. These can easily be obtained from Amazon.  

Q) What clothing and gear should I pack?

A) We will send out a detailed packing list prior to leaving but plan on bringing lightweight clothing for warm weather and a light jacket for when we get to elevation..

Q) Is Wifi or cell service available in Nepal?

A) Yes but the quality of service differs drastically. Wifi will be available at our accommodations and in many restaurants. We recommend using Whatsapp and Skype for general communication as they are internet-based. If you have an unlocked cell phone you may also purchase a sim card in Nepal.  


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